BreezSmart Ventilation Fans SMT-CRD - Ceiling Radiation Damper

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  • SMT-CRD Ceiling Radiation Damper
  • SMT-CRD Ceiling Radiation Damper
  • SMT-CRD Ceiling Radiation Damper
Delta BreezSmart
  • Delta BreezSmart SMT-CRD - Ceiling Radiation Damper helps to limit the radiant heat transfer through an air inlet/outlet opening in the ceiling membrane.
  • SMT-CRD Ceiling Radiation Damper is UL and cUL listed, and exceeds UL 555C for use in 3-hour fire rated assemblies.
  • Warnock-Hersey certified for use in fire resistance rated floor/ceiling or roof/ceiling assemblies. Warnock Hersey listing #: 102195501SAT-002
  • CSFM listing: 3226-0368:104
  • UL 555C listing: R27832
  • Meets NFPA Standards: 90A and 101
  • Meets Building Code Standards: IBC, NBC, NFPA, SBC, and UBC
  • Installation is valid for the following UL rated wood truss ceilings: L521, L546, L558, L562, L574, L576, L581, L583, L585, P522, P533, P538 and P545.
  • Intended for installation with the following UL Listed Delta Electronic Fan Models SMT130, SMT130M, SMT130H, SMT150, SMT150D, and SMT150LED (For combustible and non-combustible installation), SLM80, SLM100, SLM80-110-C, SLM80-110LED-C, SLM80-110D-C, SLM80-110DLED-C, SLM80-110H-C SLM50-110-C and SLM50-110LED-C (For non-combustible installation only).
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The damper employs a folded curtain style blade for point-of-origin control of radiant heat in a ventilation system. SMT-CRD installs in the ceiling membrane for floor/ceiling or roof/ceiling assemblies with a re resistance rating up to and including 3 hours.

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